Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage relieves aches and pains that can arise from repetitive day-to-day activities or from periods of prolonged inactivity. These include back pain, stiff necks and posture-related problems and headaches. As we slowly lose our battle against gravity, changes in our posture result in the body’s inability to heal a problem. Add to that the chemical imbalance stress causes in our bodies, it’s no wonder we go home tried and aching after doing nothing all day. Deep Tissue Massage works wonders in these instances.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage is simply a deep tissue massage that aims to massage and manipulate the muscles, stretch out the fascia, and work remedially to ease tightness and restrictions. Where minor injuries and lesions occur, due to overexertion and/or overuse, massage can break them down quickly and effectively.  It aims to restore function and eradicate muscular pain whether the discomfort has originated in bad posture from desk work, or throwing oneself around a rugby or football pitch.

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Kinesiology Taping

A rehabilitative taping technique, designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process, while providing support and stability to muscles & joints without restricting range of movement. Can be applied to most areas of the body, particularly useful for knee, shoulder & lower back problems. Kinesiology taping is used widely in the sports arena, it works on the fascial layers underneath the skin; these are part of our information highway and fluid transportation system.

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