Office and the Workplace

Just a 20 minute massage treatment is enough to release tension in the shoulders, neck and head.  On-site massage is calming, stress reducing and motivating. It’s great for boosting staff morale and improving wellbeing.

We can provide on-site therapeutic massage specifically designed to treat the muscle groups, which are typically affected by the workplace environment.

Sitting at a desk all day working on a computer often results in stress in the neck, shoulders and back causing pain. This can seriously affect an employee’s wellbeing and effectiveness.  We provide a chair-based massage, which focuses on the upper body to reduce tension in the head, neck and shoulders. Afterwards your staff will feel invigorated, refreshed and less stressed.

“Research has validated that positive effects of massage therapy on job performance and mental alertness, results in improved accuracy and reduced stress induced illness” – Dr Brent Bauer of the Mayo Clinic

Our treatments are done through clothes and without oils. Treatments range from 10 to 30 minutes and can be timed to fit around your business needs.

We bring the equipment required and just need a quiet room or area to carry out the treatment. We can even carry out treatments on people whilst they continue to sit at their desk.

Benefits Of Workplace Massage

  • Reduces and prevents back pain, neck and shoulder tension
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps prevent repetitive strain injuries
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Increases energy levels
  • Great for controlling the effects of stress including headaches, muscle aches, joint pains
  • You will be left feeling relaxed, revitalised and energised

Benefits To Your Company

  • Onsite massage sends a clear message to your staff that you care about their wellbeing and complements a healthy and balanced work life culture.
  • Helps to improve productivity
  • Reduces your costs related to staff turnover
  • Reduces absence from work due to stress related conditions
  • Improves staff morale and motivation

Sports Events

If you’re organising a sports event, pre and post sports massage is a must. Sports massage can help to release tension and pain from muscles and joints, enhance performance and help speed up recovery after exercise.

We bring mobile massage couches and are happy to work inside or outside. We often work under tarpaulin tents and are very adaptable.

Pre-event massage is brisk and stimulating, to loosen up muscles and prepare the mind and body for sports performance. It can enhance performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Post-event massage is an important way to help your body to calm down and recover from the stress and strain of a sports event. The soft tissue is stretched and relaxed, returning muscle tension to normal. It can decrease inflammation and speed up recovery time considerably.


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